Spend Management

Automated expense claims streamline workflow, reduce errors and fraud, save costs, increase satisfaction, build trust, and enhance financial management. Companies can easily monitor expenses and identify savings, fostering a positive work environment.



Streamlining Financial Processes for Improved Efficiency


Expense Tracking

Real-Time Monitoring for Enhanced Financial Management

Streamline expense tracking and reporting with Finnoto's intuitive interface.

Monitor expenses, advances, and reimbursements in real-time to stay in control of spending and enhance financial management.


Workflow Management

Boost Efficiency with Role-Based approval.

Optimise your workflow and improve efficiency with role-based approval.

Workflow management by assigning approval responsibilities to specific roles


Expense Insights

Enhance Financial Efficiency with Comprehensive analytics.

Gain valuable expense insights through comprehensive analytics, optimising expense management strategies for enhanced financial efficiency.

Monitor the ageing of payables, enabling proactive cash flow management. Make informed decisions and maximise financial performance with our powerful analytics tools.


GSTR Reconciliation Made Easy

Automate, Identify, and Comply

Matching and reconciling GSTR data with purchase records, identifying discrepancies, and ensuring accurate GST compliance

Automate the process, save time, and maintain a smooth financial workflow.


Effortless Expense Automation

Simplify Data Extraction and Streamline entries.

Automating expense creation by extracting data from receipt emails and WhatsApp messages

Simply forward or send receipts and generate expense entries automatically. This saves time, reduces errors, and enhances expense management efficiency.


Empowering Financial Control

Making your Budgeting Easier

Clients can set budgets, track expenses, and compare actual costs against projections.

With insightful cost centre analysis, they gain valuable insights for financial control, decision-making, and optimising costs, driving organisational successs.


Recurring Expense Management

Integrated Automation for Accuracy and Centralised Visibility

Effortlessly manage recurring expenses through contract and BBPS integration.

Automate payments, ensure timely processing, and gain centralised visibility with accuracy.

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